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Setting the scene



This is something i’v always done since both my boys were little. It is both enjoyable to see the expression on their faces and that eagerness to get started. This little set up you have spent lovingly arranging for them means so much and the gratitude shows in its own way !

Drawing , colouring or even just scribbles in younger ones  encourages the ever important skills they will need for later on, not to mention the importance of lots of right brain activity, which we could probably all do with!

Set ups don’t have to be just about drawing , other things could be modelling clay, NOTE: if you have a child that is sensitive to the touch of certain textures you may find they don’t like the traditional type of clay that air dries, this is because as it dries on their hands from the heat it tightens the skin (think facial clay mask)  my six year old has this issue so we use a modelling clay that doesn’t dry out or modelling beeswax.

Other options could be watercolour painting, or chalk drawing which is great for making them use their fingers to create different shades of colours. the options for your own set up are endless.

Have fun and join in (I usually do 😉)






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