Feel the whatever it may be…. and practise yoga anyway

How to yoga when you have young children,

I started practicing yoga 18 years ago and for many of those years i didn’t have any children so practise was eeeeaaassssy peeeeeeeesy , although I did have cats and a dogs always competing for mat space sprawl outs, but lets face it this is NOT the same as kiddo’s!

My Personal practice is Ashtanga. this is quite tricky to do with mini’s as you need to be quite focused on your postures,counting your breath and focusing on you dristi points and did I mention all while engaging your pelvis ! Now if your household is even slightly like mine you may hear things while on your mat like “Mummy can you come wipe my bum” or “look mummy I’m wearing all daddy’s t-shirts, but I can’t get them off”. Or the best is they both get out their mats and practice with me.

The mess can be another point of excuse to not practise and when I’m able I will clear the room to make a serene space for my mat, (I’m not a fan of mess and chaos everywhere) but sometimes I can see this will lead me to procrastinate on doing my daily practice, so another lesson for me has been to clear enough room for my mat and ignore the disorganisation in the room thats scattered with pencils, cars and crumbs. (and other things I won’t mention). this has been a tough one ! but its paid off.

These scenarios have been happening for the last few years…… what have I learned to do (most of the time) laugh. and now the boys are a little bigger I have been able to set some boundaries and also let them know we will all do something really fun when I’m finished (their choice of activity). I also use small reminders ย like “mummy really needs you to be quieter than you normally are while I practice” I think its important to add these gentle reminders as this helps them to become sensitive and respectful to other family members needs and will be able to implement this with themselves when ever they need some quite time.

With whatever I do or guide the boys in, its always with the mind of… this is what they will take into adulthood and eventually use in parenthood for themselves their partners and their children.

I would love to hear any of your tips while practicing





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