Hi my name is Elisheva

Im a mum of two boys and an ‘unofficial’ wife to my darling guy…..no docs needed (well maybe one day when I can keep a ring on my finger for more than five minutes without it driving me crazy)

I’m a yoga teacher and dedicated student of Ashtanga yoga.

Daily mediation and yoga practice, preparing and cooking homemade healthy food for my family, cold plunging (most days) writing my A%£$ off , dancing, collecting spring water, spending as much time outdoors immersed in nature… and did I mention Homeschooling my boys for the other 879653 hours in a day ! whew more tiring looking through what we do than actually participating in it all.  HONEST!

And what this basically all means is…. I don’t get to shave my legs as much as I would like to.

I love to write and it gives me a platform to be able to share , express or even help others through what I have studied and/or experienced

I have created this site to be able to compile and document some of the things that I have had the pleasure (or not !!!)  of being a part of and sharing them with ya’ll …..(I didnt really say it like that I’m British , well half actually but that may be for another post).

Thanks for visiting



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